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Ninja History

Ninja history is mostly kept in secrecy and only passed down ninja to ninja, so not many non-ninjas know about ninja history. I will give you some hints to the secrets of ninja history, but in order to give you the full briefing you will have to become a ninja yourself.

Ninja history goes back millions of years, all the way to when earth and the first human were created. Yes, the first human was also the first ninja. Before Adam performed the first known sin, he performed many others even God did not know of.

The first ninja performed all of his tasks in the darkness of night. As it is written in the ninja bible "God said 'Let there be light!' then his jaw dropped." This is as much as I can let you know. To learn the rest of this story and ninja history you will have to become a ninja.

Ninjas can create magnetic fields with their teeth. This is why ninjas always have perfect teeth, unlike pirates.