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What is the Cob:

When the cob first came into existence is unknown. There are many theories as to when the cob first came into existence. One is that he was born with it, another is that it was built up during early childhood. There are many other theories but none of which have been proven. What we do know is that the first real proof of the cob came during the middle of the year 2004. The cob growth was so extreme you could actually see a large lump sticking out of his ass. There are many reasons the cob grows, when compared to the abundance of nutrients for the cob there are very few things that can decrease the mass of it. The things that grow the cob seem very strange to most people and are very hard to understand. Most people view many things that grow the cob to be good things, but not the cob bearer. The cob bearer is very hard to understand and the goal of this site is to help the world better understand the cob.

Cob Length Explained:

The average length of the cob is 50 kernels. The theoretical maximum length of the cob is 100 kernels. There is a big debate within the scientific community of what would happen if the cob became greater than 100 kernals. Most scientists agree that the cob will not depreciate below 1 kernal. A few believe that the cob could completely disappear, but currently do not have any theories.

Cob Downloads:

Download Bearer Madness, StarCraft: Brood War map.

Download DM-Corn, an Unreal Tournament 2004 map.