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The Cob

I was having a really bad day. Like nothing was going right. My girlfriend wouldn't return my calls, and classes just weren't going well. Then I was in an odd part of town, and I wanted to find a place to eat. The only place around was a gross taco shop. After I finished my last taco I realized that I didn't' have any gum. I went into the purely organic store, most likely for hippies, and couldn't find my usual brand of gum. So I bought some completely organic gum made with rainforest chicle the way gum used to be made. When I walked out side there it was. The cob. You know? Just right there. You never know when to expect it. I know I didn't. I never thought that would happen. Man, the cob.

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Dry Corncob

Middle of 2nd Paragraph

Mud and a Corncob (towards the bottom)

Penny Playing with a Corncob


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